Akem writes short stories and is a graduate of, The Writer’s Studio, at Simon Fraser University.

She mentored under Hiromi Goto.

My short stories below have been published in Canadian Magazines and most can be read online.

Augur Magazine, Issue 5.1, 2022

Brief chance of Moonlight

“The night brightens around me, and I drop into the mud like a scared rabbit. The cool mud makes me shiver and the tall grass scratches my delicate, dark skin. I grin at the sensations—it’s a victory to be this uncomfortable. “

Polar Borealis, Issue 11, 2019

Wing Shop

”The only rule when buying your wings is no bargaining. There is only one price and you either pay it or you don’t. This is what you hear without understanding.”

Pulp Literature, Issue 25, 2020

Shotguns and Jinn

“Despite the dangers, Mankur didn’t mind being a sheriff at an outpost of the Whirling Sands. The Jinn in the desert usually kept to themselves, and it was his job to see that they weren’t disturbed by traders, tricksters, slavers, or tourists.”

Capilano Review, Issue 3.39, 2019

Collaboration, or Cooperation with the Enemy

“It’s always unexpected, the collaboration with an enemy that interrupts my life without warning.”